FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

How to get to Poland & Poznań


The easiest way to get to Poland is to take a plane. You can fly to Poznań directly or fly to any Polish airport and reach Poznań by train/car/bus. Estimated distance between major cities and Poznan you can find below. Below you can also find a list of international airports in Poland.

There is also possibility to go get to Poznań by train, bus or individual car. Below there are information how to get to Poland and to Poznań by different transport types. All international airports in Poland are connected with Poznań by local transport so you can easily take a pre/post congress tour and visit other cities in our country.
There is also possibility to rent a car in Poland (any city) or book taxi (for example from airport to hotel).

plane   BY PLANE

Most international flights arrive at and depart from Warsaw’s Okęcie International Airport. Other important airports are at Cracow, Gdansk, Poznań and Wroclaw. Below there is a list of all international airports in Poland and distances between those cities and Poznań.

Poland’s national carrier is LOT Polish Airlines. Many carriers operate regular flights to Poland, normally between their national capital/major city and Warsaw Airport. Below there is a list of airlines operated by each polish airport.

Poznan (POZ) Poznań Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport
Located 7 km west of Poznan, one of the oldest cities in Poland.
Airlines: Lufthansa, Lot, SAS, Czech Airlines.

Warsaw (WAW) Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport
Located 10 km South West of the historic city of Warsaw, capital of Poland.
About 315 km from Poznań (about 3h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa, LOT, KLM, Air France, Finnair, SAS, Air Berlin, Qatar Airlines, Emirates, Aegan Airways, Aer Lingus, Aerofłot, Swiss, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Ukraine Airlines, Air Baltic, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Tap Portugal,Turkish Airlines.

Bydgoszcz (BZG) Bydgoszcz I. J. Paderewski Airport
Located 3 km south of the historic city of Bydgoszcz.
About 140 km from Poznań (about 2 h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa.

Wroclaw (WRO) Wrocław Stachowice Copernicus Airport
Located 10 km West of the city of Wroclaw, south west Poland - one of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities.
About 200 km from Poznań (3h by car).
Airlines: Lufhtansa, LOT, SAS, Czech Airlines.

Lodz (LCJ) Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport
Located 6 km southwest of Lodz, Polands second largest city, central Poland.
About 220 km from Poznań (about 2,5 h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa/Adria Airlines, KLM/Adria Airlines, Czech Airlines.

Szczecin (SZZ) "Solidarity" Szczecin Goleniów Airport
Located 45 km North East of the city of Szczecin, 2 km north east of Goleniow, near the north west coast of Poland.
About 280 km from Poznań (2,5 h by car).
Airlines: LOT.

Gdansk (GDN) Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
Located 10 km west of Gdansk, Polands principal sea port city, on the northern coast of Poland.
About 300 km from Poznań (about 4 h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa, Lot, SAS, Finnair, Air Berlin, Czech Airlines.

Katowice (KTW) Katowice Airport
Located 30 km North of Katowice, southern Poland
About 380 km from Poznań (about 4,5 h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa, LOT.

Krakow (KRK) John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice
Located 11 km west of the city of Krakow, southern Poland - this city is the premier tourist destination in Poland.
About 450 km from Poznań (about 5 h by car).
Airlines: Lufthansa, LOT, KLM, Swiss, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Finnair.

Main Poznań international airport is Poznań Ławica Henryk Wieniawski Airport. It is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points and next to the road out of Poznań to Berlin and Warsaw. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station.
Passengers have air - conditioned, spacious arrival and departure halls at their disposal as well as travel agencies, an elegant restaurant, bars, banks, shops, Internet cafe, car rental points and viewing area.
Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank. You can also use public local transport to get from the airport to the city centre.
Airlines operated on Poznań Airport: Lufthansa, Lot, SAS, Czech Airlines.


train    BY TRAIN

PKP Polish Railways operates trains between Poland and a number of major European cities. All services from western Europe to Poland pass through the Germany, Czech Republic or Slovakia. The main routes link Warsaw with Berlin and Cologne, Budapest, Prague and Vienna. There are also rail services to Moscow, St Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev and Vilnius.
Polish railways timetable www.rozklad-pkp.pl

Poznań is connected to the most cities in Poland, and the neighbouring countries, by an extensive route network of train services. Daily connections from other European cities are also available.
All trains coming to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Station (Poznań Główny). The Railway Station is composed of two buildings: the Main Station and the West Station (Dworzec Zachodni).
The Main Station is located above the platforms 1, 2, and 3 and is connected with Bus Station, and the Poznań City Centre shopping mall. The West Station is located just next to the Poznań International Fair venue.
TAXI ranks are located next to the Main Hall and the West Railway Station exit.
Nex to the Main Hall there are also stops of public transport (bus/tram).


bus   BY BUS

You can travel to Poland by bus using one of the many international firms. You will have no problems finding connections by bus to Poland from abroad. The larger cities and towns (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk and many others) are on international routes with many good european connections.
Poland is connected by bus to many countries and you can choose your starting point from: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, France, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, Italy, etc.
You can reach most small towns in Poland by bus using the local buses and all major the towns are linked by long distance bus companies. The Polish national bus company is PKS. Most of the major bus terminals are in the center of towns.
There are also many small, private bus companies which use micro-buses on special routes. The micro-buses can be found near bus stations and railway stations and you buy your ticket from the driver.

Poznań is connected to most cities in Poland, and the neighbouring countries by bus. There are also avaliable bus connections to other European cities.
Bus Station (PKS Transport Company) is located in ul. Matyi 2, next to the Main Railway Station Poznań Główny. It provides both domestic and international transport services. Apart from ticket offices, kiosks, bar and PKS information point also travel agencies selling tickets for international routes are located in the bus station hall. Next to the station there are fast food restaurants, ATM, a bookshop and a cake shop.
Poznań Bus Transport Company (only In polish) www.pks.poznan.pl.
Polski Bus www.polskibus.com


car   BY CAR

You can enter Poland by one of many roads linking Poland with the neighbouring countries. Since Poland's entry to the Schengen Zone, checkpoints on border crossings with other EU countries have been removed.
However, the queues on the borders with Poland's non-EU neighbours, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, are still large and in areas congested with truck traffic it can take up to several hours to pass.
The condition of Polish roads could be described as relatively good. Access roads around major cities are steadily improving, and B-type roads are pretty good.
There 3 major motorways crossing Poland and their total length is about 1600 km (A1 from North to South – via Gdańsk, Katowice, A2 from East to West – via Poznań, Warsaw, A4 from East to West via Rzeszów, Kraków, Wrocław and short A8, A6 and A18). There is a toll charge to use all motorways in Poland.

You can get to Poznań driving A2 motorway (access from the west direction: from Nowy Tomyś - 108 km from Świecko, where national route no. 2 is connected with the motorway to Warsaw - a charge is payable for using it; access from the east direction: from Konin, Modła road junction), national routes no. 92, 5 (east - west direction) and no. 11 (north – south).
The city centre is covered by the Parking Zone. Fare is collected for each vehicle parked within the zone. Drivers pay the parking fee in parking meters located along streets in the city centre. The Parking Zone borders are marked with B-39 road sign.
Divers coming to the city are recommended to leave their cars in guarded car parks and specially prepared buffer car parking lots placed around the Parking Zone.

Parking places
More than 20 municipal parking areas are located in close proximity to the Fair. Visitors and exhibitors will also have access to parking places at the Poznań Internationa Fair complex and to the Poznań International Fair car park on Matejki Street (300 m from Western Entrance).

1. Parking at Poznań International Fair (entry from Śniadeckich Street), opening hours: 8.00 - 20.00
4-day ticket - 160,00 PLN (September, 7-10)
1-day ticket - 80,00 PLN
All persons entering the MTP car park must possess documents entitling to entry to the exhibition area (i.e. exhibition/conference badge, free entry card).

2. Car park at Matejki Street (24-hour) - located approximately 300 m from the exhibition complex:
One hour parking for passenger vehicles - 4,00 PLN

3. Short-term parking lot at the Western entrance from Śniadeckich Street:
 Up to 30 min. stay - free of charge,
 Each extra started hour will be charged with 50 PLN