FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

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Tours around Poland Poland__tours_map

Poland is a country of rich history and cultural heritage, beautiful nature with Europe’s oldest primeval forest, monuments located on the UNESCO Heritage List, friendly people and great cuisine.

We will give you the opportunity to visit the best and most recognizable cities and places in Poland.

For example: 
-    Our capital Warsaw - city which was rebuilt after the World War II, city of great composer Fryderyk Chopin and unforgettable history,
-    Gdansk on the Baltic Polish sea - capital of amber and city of Solidarity which was a Polish trade union founded in 1980 at the Gdansk Shipyard against the government and communism,
-    Magical Krakow - amazing old capital of Poland. The Old Town with magnificent Cloth Hall and St Mary Church has as well the largest Market Square in Europe.  It is a city full of artists and reach cultural her,
-    Wroclaw - located on the Odra River, with its 12 islands, 130 bridges and riverside parks, is idyllic and wonderful place,
-    Łodz - the city has a long history as an industrial and textile centre. It is enigmatic and mysterious place – one of the favourite destinations of film director David Lynch. The city has as well long history and many places connected with Jewis,
-    Bialowieza - If you want to see the wild and still unknown Poland come with us and visit the Bialowieza National Park which is the last prehistoric wooden complex in Europe,
-    The Masuria Region which is called “A Land of a thousand lakes”

Do you know that Poland has fourteen sites which are on the UNESCO Heritage List? In our tours we offer to see some of them, like: Salt Mine “Wieliczka”, Old Town in Krakow and Warsaw, Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, Medieval Town of Torun or Bialoweiza Forest.

Our business partner Lufthansa is flying to: Warsaw, Krakow, Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan.

We invite you to arrive to one of the above cities, join proposed tours and check how nice and gorgeous Poland is.

Tours in Poznan

Poznan is the second most important commercial centre after Warsaw. It also has a magical (and well-kept) historical city centre with Town Hall, Merchant houses and the Poznan Billy Goats, an enormously significant Cathedral Island and a beautiful wild Malta Lake. Poznań is extraordinary city - open and dynamic, filled with unique places and many attractions.

You can take a rest at the Palm House and see the beautiful Wilson Park. Check how to do the most popular sweets – the Saint Martin Croissant at the Croissant Museum.
For those who like adventure we offer visit at the biggest aqua park in Poland – The Aquapark Malta Thermal Baths or big Pyrland Park Ropes.

Last but not least we offer something for your soul and body – the SPA at the Termy Maltanskie. Very exclusive place in Poznan where you can relax, enjoy special ceremonies, taka a massage or some special treatments for your body.

Surroundings of Poznań

The region where the city is located offer many attractions which are perfect supplement for spending free time. Near Poznan we have architecture pearls like Kornik or Goluchow Castle, Rogalin Palace with magnificent art collections. For all engine house fans we invite you to Wolsztyn, we will take the travelers to Arkady Fiedler Museum. And if you are interested in our history, take a tour to Gniezno – with its famous cathedral  a true gem of great artistic and symbolic value.

All those tours you will find in Poznan and its surroundings! For more details please check our half and one day tours.

For more details please check out pre-congress and after-congress tours.