FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Continuing Education

Participants are able to complete lecture evaluations, download and print their certificates by logging into their Congress registration accounts at https://panel.fdi2016poznan.org/visitor/login

Participants are only able to complete evaluations for the lectures at which they were present.

Participants who do not have an online Congress registration account (having registered as a member of a group) are able to access all documents and evaluation forms at https://panel.fdi2016poznan.org/certificates/login by signing in with the number on their identification badge (found below the bar code). 

Certificate of participation from ADA CERP

Certificates are available at the online accounts of Congress participants. To receive the certificate with ADA CERP points, participants must have been present for the entire duration of the lecture session and complete a lecture and lecturer evaluation. More information regarding the ADA CERP educational points system can be found at https://www.fdi2016poznan.org/scientific-programme/continuing-education/