FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Poland – the world capital of dentistry in just a year from now

“See you in Poznań” – it is under this slogan that we will be promoting the Annual World Dental Congress FDI, which will take place in Poznań on 7-10 September 2016. According to estimates made by its organisers, it will be the biggest event in international dentistry and is expected to attract more than 12,000 participants to the capital of Wielkopolska.

FDI (World Dental Federation) is the largest dental organisation in the world. It represents more than a million dentists from around the globe, and around 200 academic associations and societies from 130 countries. The FDI congress (FDI Annual World Dental Congress), which Poland will be hosting for the first time in its history, is a prestigious conference attended by outstanding experts from home and abroad. It will also feature an international exhibition of equipment and materials as well as a debate on global dental policy. 

“For four days Poland will be the world capital of dentistry. It will be an opportunity not only to promote Polish learning and science but also the country's technological thinking” believes Professor Bartłomiej W. Loster, president of the Congress and head of the Polish Dental Association

“The congress, which is now in its 104th year, is among the most important international events and the brainchild of one of the world’s oldest organisations in the medical sector. The Congress has gained a reputation as an international forum for exchanging ideas and transferring knowledge connected with the field of dentistry” – emphasises Dr. Tin Chun Wong, president of FDI.   

And such will also be the case in Poznań. Thanks to its host status Poland has an opportunity to present the achievements of Polish dentistry in an international setting, in particular general medical advances from the point of view of treatment in the dental office. 

“The oral cavity is an integral part of the body and a gateway to other structures of the organism. Experts will demonstrate how the cause of many systemic diseases may lie in pathological conditions existing in the oral cavity – explains Professor Marzena Dominiak – Chairwoman of the Scientific Committee for the FDI 2016 AWDC Congress. 

A central feature of the FDI congress is the proceedings of the World Dental Parliament.  Its many sessions and debates have given rise to an international policy on oral health. Among the successes of the dentist-parliamentarians over the last few years are the following: setting standards for fluoridation, undertaking actions aimed at reducing dental amalgam, and passing a resolution highlighting the unquestionable link between oral health, general health and quality of life.

 “From a procedural point of view the FDI Parliament is similar to “ordinary” parliaments – it is governed by specific rules and regulations and decisions are made in a democratic way. However, happily, there is in principle no place for politics. Decisions are for the most part taken almost unanimously,” says Anna Lella DDS, president elect of the European Regional Organization of FDI (ERO-FDI). 

The FDI Congress in Poznań will also be accompanied by a dental products fair and a number of business meetings. The number of exhibitors presenting their products at the Congress has reached well over 200 in the last few years.  The organisers expect up to 60% of exhibitors to be “mother companies” i.e. manufacturers of equipment usually sold in Poland by authorised traders or distributors. 

The Organisational Committee of the Congress is made up of the following members: The Polish Dental Association and the Polish Chamber of Dentists and Physicians. Another company involved in the preparations for the event is the company Exactus, which for the last 25 years has organised the CEDE Central European Exhibition of Dental Products and the International Poznań Fair, the host of next year’s Congress.