FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Interactive map the exhibition

Interactive map of FDI 2016 exhibition



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Interactive FDI 2016 exhibition floorplan will be available on multimedia touchscreen totems.

Totems (3 pcs.) will be located:
- in the patio between exhibition pavilions
- in pavilion 15, where Congress sessions will take place

The interactive map will be easy and intuitive tool for finding the company booth on the floorplan and displaying Exhibitors adverts in the form of picture or clip

FDI exhibitors can benefit from advertising opportunities offered by the totem’s software.

We offer 4 advertising packages on the mutlimedia totems

BASIC package - free of charge for all FDIA 2016 Exhibitors.
The package includes the following information:
- Exhibitor's name,
- stand/pavilion number
- description of the exhibitor's activity – as per the catalogue entry submitted

Additionally we offer 3 extended, additionally paid packages:

Package - includes Basic Package extended with:
- product picture gallery – up to 5 images
- Exhibitors address and contact data
- Exhibitor’s logotype displayed on the browser bar .
net price : EUR 100

MAXI Package - includes MINI Package extended with:
- product picture gallery – up to 15 images
- QR code to scan the Exhibitor’s visit card
- additional positioning the Exhibitors visit card on the browser's bar
- placement of the company name in “Promoted” category
Net price: EUR 150

VIP Package - available for 10 exhibitors only!
includes MAXI Package extended with:
- company logotype on the exhibition floorplan
- promotional clips displayed on the totem screen
- the VIP category will be always displayed in the search box
- advertising time of 55 sec on the LED screen which is an integral part of the totem.
Net price : EUR 500

How to order the package?
Package orders have to be by filling in on-line form R in Exhibitors Panel
(www.fdi2016poznan.org see:Exhibition / Exhibitor’s Panel