FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Information for stand contractors

Individual stand contractor application form, ID badges, car entry cards for stand contractors


Individual stand constructor has to submit Stand Constructor application form Z.

Please download the from, fill it and send by email to the Organiser: exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org

Admission cards and car entry cards for stand construction team wil be issued for the period of stand assembly and dismantling based on sumbitted form Z.

download form    
see on the map   Admission cards are to be collected on site at the Exhibitors’ Reception Desk located next to the Western Entrance (main gate) to the Fairground from Śniadeckich Street

Regulations for individual stand construction
Stand construction has to comply with:
• FDI Rules & Regulations  >>download<<
• Technical and Fire Safety Regulations in force on the grounds of Poznan International Fair Ltd.  >>download<<

Information for stand design
For detailed information:  detailed booth dim, size, max. height of booth construction, suspending of the elements etc. please contact the Organiser at exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org

Technical parameters of exhibition pavilions  >>download<<

Stand design approval
The Exhibitor / stand constructor shall agree, by July 20, 2016 with the Organiser the development plan of the rented area (in 2 projections, with height description). E-mail address for sending the documents exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org

The orders for electrical connection, water supply, compressed air etc. has to be placed on application form E - Technical Services. The form is available on-line in Exhibitor's Panel on the Congress website www.fdi2016poznan.org (see: Exhibition).

Stand Information Chart

stand information chart 

Stand Information Chart has to be filled in by stand constructor and delivered to the appropriate area office on the fairgrounds before starting assembly works. Pavilions 7, 7A, 8, 8A - Area I.

Please download the chart fill in and sent by e-mail to: exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org
You can also bring it with you Poznan or fill it on site.


Stand assembly and dismantling
Opening hours of the exhibition pavilions during stand assembly/ dismantling .

Stand assembly
September  3             7,00 a.m. – 0,00
September  4             7,00 a.m. – 0,00
September  5             7,00 a.m. – 0,00
All „messy” assembly works must be finished by 3 p.m. on September 5, 2016.
September  6             7,00 a.m. – 8,00 p.m.
Exhibitor’s day. Any messy works (cutting, sawing, painting etc.) are prohibited.

Stand dismantling
September 10, 2016     8,00 p.m.(*) – 0,00
September 11, 2016     7,00 a.m. – 0,00
September 12, 2016     7,00 a.m. – 4,00 p.m.
(*) Dismantling of stand before the end of the exhibition is prohibited. It may begin at the earliest in 2 hours after the exhibition has been closed for visitors.

In case the Exhibitor or the provider of construction services exceeds the pavilions’ regular operation time, the additional fee will be charged per each commenced working hour.

Entry to the fairgrounds during stand assembly and dismantling
Entry to the fairgrounds and exhibition pavilions during the stand assembly and dismantling is granted upon presentation of Exhibitor/stand constructors identification badges and admission cards.

Traffic regulations on the fairgrounds

Exhibition and stand setup
Please note that the vehicles may not be left on the trade fair grounds:
- during the exhibition period – after 7 p.m.
- during the assembly and dismantling period – after midnight.

Leaving a vehicle on MTP grounds beyond the aforesaid time limits will result in wheel clamping and a penalty of 200 PLN (net). A penalty for breach of order will not be invoiced.

Vehicle entry rules on the last day the exhibition and dismantling period
In an attempt to assist you in the pull-down phase when the events have ended, the organizers and would appreciate it if you could align your transportation needs to the vehicle entry principles outlined below:

1. As on the other days of the fairs, exhibitors’ cars may enter the fairgrounds on 10 September against permanent entry passes (enter only for cars).

2. Entry onto the fairgrounds in order to collect the exhibits, materials, elements of buildings etc. will be organized by the Traffic Police right after 6.30 pm.

3. Vehicles awaiting in the car park in Matejki Street 63 (P6) will be allowed onto the fairgrounds first - see the map. The traffic on the MTP grounds will be one-way until the end of the day.

4. The waiting area will be available free of charge from 7.00 am on 10 September.

5. We would appreciate it if you refrained from using large-size vehicles on 10 September. The only vehicle types allowed are:
•  trucks with a payload capacity of up to 8 tons and length up to 8 m, without trailers;
•  delivery vans
•  cars

6. Large trucks, trucks with trailers, other large-size and special purpose vehicles will be allowed onto the fairgrounds through the “1” gate in Sniadeckich Street from 6.30 am on 11 September.

We are convinced that the above principles will help all of you to efficiently move around the fairgrounds and will help you to quickly and efficiently pull down the exhibitions. Your cooperation in this respect will definitely contribute to the elimination of any problems that may arise.


Organizer’s representatives supervising stand construction and dismantling
Dariusz Sobczak - mobile phone +48 668 828 838     

Emergency phone numbers
Fire brigade                            112 or 998
Fairground services emergency phone number                                 61 869 2112

Telephone extensions technical & maintenance units of the fairgrounds
To call specific PIF technical staff, dial 61 869 followed by a four-digit extension number, according to the list below.
When using yellow phones located on PIF grounds it is enough to dial the four-digit extension number.
The phone numbers listed below are active during trade fairs and during the stand construction and dismantling periods.

Facility Management Department     phone 2183, fax 2684
Area Coordinators:     
Area I      phone 2271, 2811, fax 2272
Area II     phone 2228, 2813, fax 2082
Area III    phone 2663, 2815, fax 2601
Pavilion managers:     
Pavilion no. 7       phone 2582, 2875
Pavilion no. 7A     phone 2283, 2876
Pavilion no. 8/8A   phone 2572, 2786
Pavilion no. 15A     phone 2315, 2877
Pavilion no. 15B     phone 2316, 2878