FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Technical sevices

STAND CLEANING >order now<
For shell scheme booths standard stand cleaning is included in the boot’s price
For individual booths stand cleaning price amounts to
• Standard stand cleaning – 4,00 EUR/sqm (net price)
• Individual stand cleaning is subject to individual pricing according to cleaning services provided.

Waste disposal fee is obligatory for all Exhibitors and is calculated upon the booth size.
- 3,00 EUR/m2 (net price) per each sqm of the exhibition space assigned to the Exhibitor.

ELECTRICITY >order now<
The price of power supply given below includes providing of electricity connection and power consumption for Exhibitor’s stand ended with the 3pin 230V/5pin400 V socket.
The draft of the wiring system of the stand should be sent to the Organiser before July 20, 2016.

Power supply net price
0,1 - 3,0 kW € 100,00
0,1 - 9,0 kW € 160,00
9,1 - 14,0 kW € 210,00
14,1 - 18,0 kW € 265,00
18,1 - 36,0 kW € 370,00
Circuit 24 h (1x10A) € 100,00
Circuit 24 h (3x16A) € 170,00

The price does not includes providing of a switch-board.

Swithboard type net price
3 one-phase circuit € 50,00
6 one-phase circuit € 95,00
9 one-phase circuit € 140,00
12 one-phase circuit € 185,00

The service of suspension from the pavilion ceiling is offered in 2 options:
- without lifting of the elements - when the hoist and lifting of the element are provided by exhibitor or his stand contractor,
- including lifting of the elements - the hoist and lifting of the element is provided by the Organiser's staff.
Late orders - placed later that 15 days before the beginning of stand construction works - are subject to higher price.
In order to fix a suspended element, documentation including the following information should be submitted to the Organiser for approval:
a) type of suspended structure,
b) dimensions, total weight, specified points of suspension on the element being suspended,
c) manner of suspension (number of cords),
d) location of the structure in reference to the stand, height.
The Organiser reserves the right to refuse the suspension service due to safety requirements and technical possibilities in exhibition facilities.

Description Orders before
August 22, 2016
net price
Orders after
August 22, 2016
net price
Suspending and attaching the steel rope of maximum hoisting capacity 50 kg (PIF property) to the fixed pavilion construction without lifting of the exhibitor's elements - price per 1 string € 105,00 € 135,00
Suspending and attaching the steel rope of maximum hoisting capacity 50 kg (PIF property) to the fixed pavilion construction including lifting of the exhibitor's elements - price per 1 string € 180,00 € 230,00

Power supply for upper lighting

Power supply - upper lighting net price
0,1 - 3,0 kW € 120,00
0,1 - 9,0 kW € 215,00
9,1 - 14,0 kW € 275,00
14,1 - 18,0 kW € 345,00
18,1 - 36,0 kW € 460,00

Fair exhibition halls are equipped with fixed, generally accessible water supply and sewage discharge points. Water pressure in the water supply network is dependent on the supplier and fluctuates within the range of 2.5-3.0 bar. Water supply and sewage services are provided exclusively by Organiser at the fair participant’s cost.

  net price
Water supply and outlet connection € 145,00
Water supply connection only € 85,00
Water outlet connection only € 90,00

>>order now<<

Exhibition pavilions are equipped with a permanent compressed air system of the following parameters: pressure between 6.0 and 8.5 bar (in order to obtain intermediate values, exhibitors must provide equipment with their own reducers), maximum air flow 1000 l/min. Compressed air connections are terminated with a quick-disconnect coupling DN 7.2. In order to supply with compressed air any exhibits having special requirements, fair participants must on their own provide additional filters, dehumidifiers, etc.

Efficiency of compressed air outlet net price
up to 200 l/min € 80,00
up to 600 l/min € 100,00
up to 1000 l/min € 125,00

INTERNET ACCESS (RJ45) >order now<
Connection to the Internet is installed in an Ethernet standard. One UTP cable with a RJ45 plug is led to a spot indicated by the Exhibitor.
To connect the computer to the network, one must equip it with an Ethernet network card (or FastEthernet, or GigabitEthernet), also defined as a LAN outlet.
An Exhibitor who orders the service is obliged to include the information about the place of connection in the stand development plan. The plan must be sent by e-mail to the organiser. If such information is not provided by the exhibitor, the UTP cable with an RJ45 plug will be led to the back of the stand or left by its back wall.

Description Orders before August 22, 2016
net price
Orders after August 22, 2016
net price
Internet access, Ethernet standard Rj45. € 110 € 140
Internet access, Ethernet standard Rj45, including hardware configuration support € 145 € 165
Internet access, Ethernet standard Rj45, guaranteed bandwidth of min. 4Mb/s € 190 € 245
Exceeding the bandwidth per 1 MB/s € 40 € 55
Rental of Ethernet hub (8 x RJ45). €60 € 60

Contact the organizer : exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org

Contact the organizer : exhibition@fdi2016poznan.org


The official freight forwarder for FDI 2016 AWDC:
Transmeble International Sp.z o.o.
Fair Office
ul.Glogowska 14, Pav.No:13 Room No:9
60-734 Poznan
Head Office
ul.Konopnickiej 19/2
60-771 Poznan
Contact person:
Aniela Grześkowiak: +48 502 562 299 - aniela@transmeble.com.pl
Daniel Pikuła: +48 504 103 563 - daniel@transmeble.com.pl
Mateusz Wiśniewski: +48 504 461 006 - mateusz@transmeble.com.pl

Handling and warehousing services provided by official FDI 2016 AWDC freight forwarder
- loading/unloading and delivery to the stand/warehouse,
- customs clearance,
- rental of lifting equipment,
- storage of empties and exhibits,
-other services (banding, packing, export documentation etc.)
>>see the pricelist<<