FDI 2016 Poznań, Poland

Exhibitors badges

How many badges receives the exhibitior?
Each exhibitors of FDI 2016 receives 1 id badges per each 3 sqm of the booth/exhibition space ordered.

How to order the badge?
Exhibitors badges orderd has to be sumbitted on form ID before July 20, 2016.
The form is available in Exhibitors Panel

Exhibitors will do not place the order within the deadline will receive the badges with company name only as per stand area.
Exhibitors badge entitles the holder to enter exhibition pavilons during exhibition and during stand setup and dismantling time.
FDI 2016 Exhibitor’s badge does not entitles to enter conference sessions.

Car entry cards
Parking at PIF/MTP (entry from Sniadeckich Street), opening hours: 8:00 – 20:00. The card is valid during exhibition opening hours. The cars cannot be left on the exhibition grounds for the night. The price of the whole event car entry card is 40 EUR/car. All persons entering the PIF/MTP car park must possess documents entitling to entry to the exhibition area (i.e. exhibition/conference badge, free entry card).

Stand constructor,s badges
Stand constructor staff will be given special entrance cards for the period of assembling and disassembling the exhibition upon an order placed on application form Z.
Application from Z is available in Exhibition / Information for stand contractors