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Essential information

Poland is a beautiful country and has rich and fascinating history. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. 

Location: Middle Europe, on the Baltic Sea
Land boundaries: Russia - Kaliningrad (N), Lithuania (N-E), Ukraine and Bialorus (E), Czech Republik and Slowakia (S), Germany (W)
Capital: Warsaw (Warszawa) with 1 707,981 inhabitants
Other major cities: Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk
Total area: 322.575 km², Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe, and 68th in the world
Population: 38.161 (118,2 people/km²). Poland is the 8th largest country in Europe, and 34th in the world
Nationality: Polish 96,7%
Language: Polish
Local time: GMT+01:00
Currency: PLN Polish zloty
Rates of exchange: 1 EURO=4,15 PLN; 1 GBP=5,80 PLN, 1 USD=3,79 PLN
Political system: parliamentary democracy
Head of State: President Andrzej Duda
International relations: Schengen (2007), UE (2004), NATO (1999), OECD (1996), WTO (1995), ONZ (1945)
GPD total: 525.7 bln USD; GPD per capita: 17,482 USD.
Poland’s economy is 7th in Europe, and 21th in the world
Human Development Index (2007): 41 position / 182 countries
Quality of Life Index (2007): 43 position / 195 countries
Index of Economic Freedom (2009): 82 position / 179 countries


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Warmest month: July (27°C), coldest month December (-10°C)
Maximum distance from north to south 649 km, from east to west 689 km
Borderline: 3511 km, costline: 440 km
The Baltic Sea on the North
The Sudety and Karpaty Mountains on the South
Forest covers 28,7% of the land area

Emergency number (from mobile phone) 112
Emergency service 999
Fire brigade 998
Police 997

About Polska - an insider guide for outsiders
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland)

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